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Every business has different automation needs. While one size doesn’t fit all, there are proven practices that help you get started with low code automation. In this section, we’ll touch on how you should approach AI and automation initiatives within your organization with an eye to test your hypotheses and continuously learn and improve your performance.

No matter the perfection of your design or the purity of your intent, you will always find room for improvement once your code is in production. And this is the beauty of continuous improvement … make changes, push them to production, and monitor for additional improvements. It is important that, at the outset, expectations are set within the organization that these projects are not “once and done”, and that they will continually be improved. The best results we see are from organizations starting with a specific use case and then continually refining the solution based on “real world” performance.

How Jacada Assists Your Customers & Agents in Real-time

Trusted by contact centers in Fortune 500 enterprises, Jacada’s low code contact center automation platform packs the power of the best conversational AI, robotic process automation and next best action guidance to assist customers and customer service employees in real-time.

agent assist - assist customers
Assist customers and agents in multiple modalities at once with AI and RPA
Conversational AI Meets Real-time Assistance
Understand customer intent with conversational AI and other insights in real-time
Rapidly integrate your disparate tech stack, and automate tasks, processes and conversations

How to Get Started With Customer Assist

Want greater digital adoption? Guide your customers every step of the way. See how you can deliver multiexperience with low code AI middleware.
Digital First Edition
Digital First Edition
Digital customer service and intelligent virtual agents on any digital touchpoint
4-8 Weeks
Pricing requires brief discovery
Voice First Edition
Voice First Edition
Multimodal Visual IVR guides callers to your digital assets
8-12 Weeks
Pricing requires brief discovery
Multiexperience Edition
Multiexperience Edition
All the multimodal and omnichannel awesomeness your customers need
8-12 Weeks
Pricing requires brief discovery

How to Get Started With Agent Assist

Make the agent experience so simple and instructive that your agents will learn on-the-job. Yes, it can be done. Get up and running in weeks.
Digital First Edition
Call Center Scripting Edition
Guide agents especially on the most dynamic conversations with customers
1-4 Weeks
Starts at $34/concurrent seat
Voice First Edition
Call Center RPA Edition
Guide agents and automate mundane tasks to help agents focus on the customer experience
4-12 Weeks
Pricing requires brief discovery
Multiexperience Edition
AI Powered Assist Edition
Guide agents and automate tasks based on real-time alerts from converstaional AI and RPA
8-12 Weeks
Pricing requires brief discovery

Get Started With Low Code Automation: Crawl, Walk & Run

Digital First Edition
Pick Your First Automations
Explore what contact center automation software can do for your business.
Voice First Edition
Getting It Right
Take a Crawl-Walk-Run Approach to automating your contact center and get early wins.
Multiexperience Edition
Scale Your Automations
Learn from Best Practices and scale your automations across the customer operation.

Consultative & Risk Mitigated Approach

Assess processes and journeys to determine fit for solution archetypes
Design and implement a customer facing pilot for select use cases​
Incorporate best practices and lessons learned from crawl phase and prep to scale the program​
Design and implement additional use cases per roadmap​
2-4 weeks​
8-12 weeks​
8-12 weeks​
12+ weeks​
Review use cases across journeys and touchpoints​

Evaluate fit from a CX, EX and business impact standpoint​
Design use cases with client team​

Measure solution effectiveness
Review adoption analytics in the context of the crawl phase

Engage in consulting workshops with client to agree on go-forward approach
Design use cases with client ​

Implement uses cases

Use agile processes & measure effectiveness
Identify use cases for crawl phase

Technical assessments​
Design use cases with client team​

Implement use cases

Launch Pilot​
Train Client and Partner Teams on best practices to scale the program​

Incorporate lessons learned​
Enable client to own / manage platform​
Use case Design artefacts​

Business Case Assessment​
Exec dashboards reviewing solution effectiveness​
Recommendations to scale the program​

Blueprint & Roadmap from business and tech perspectives​
Exec dashboards reviewing solution effectiveness​
Success Criteria
Use cases for Pilot and Pilot success criteria​
Achievement of pilot success criteria​
Agreement to scale the program​
Achievement of success criteria​
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