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Automation for Employees

With simple stuff being done in self-service, our representatives have to be experts in *everything*. As leaders in the contact center space, we need to give them the tools to focus on what’s important – the member experience.

Rini Fredette, Senior Vice President of Contact Centers

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Learn why leaders trust Jacada with Intelligent Agent Assistance


Oh, We Get It

Forrester predicts 80% of agent desktop actions are ready for automation. But before you task your unattended bots to do ‘attended work’, proceed with caution…

...not all bots are created equal

The Jacada Difference

not your average

Not your average Agent Assist.

Your agents may not have the best tools, but they’ve proven to be resourceful. You’ve seen it. Inventing shortcuts, hacks, and macros to simplify their workspace. Gain a competitive advantage and thrive in today’s market. Empower your brand ambassadors with RPA based assistance and task management tools. Learn how robotic desktop automation can help them deliver a memorable customer experience.

Anticipate Errors. Guide your agents to excellence.

It’s only human to make mistakes when dealing with so many disparate apps and processes. Track agents’ actions in real-time. Jump in to offer guidance. Prevent errors and boost the adoption of best practices with robotic desktop automation.

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real time speech

Real-time speech analytics meets real-time guidance.

Listen to the conversation between the caller and the agent. Use advanced conversational AI to understand the key topics a customer talks about. Automate tasks for the agent and guide them with next best actions.

Clone your best agents. WOW your customers.

Why stop with guiding your agent and pointing them to a knowledge article, when you can go a few steps further and automate the task at hand? Use RPA powered Agent Assistants to get the job done, once and for all.
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dont wait

Don't wait for your next gen agent desktop. Help your agents today.

Unified Agent Desktops and Customer Engagement Centers are great ideas. Don’t get us wrong. We sell them too. RPA based Assistants complement your existing Agent Desktop and can help your agents, new hires and power users, right away. Execute in 2-speed mode and create value within your business operation right away.

Boost Agent Engagement & Productivity like a maniac.

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to employee engagement, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some employees abandon guidance tools while the rest are successful. Run experiments. Examine heat maps. Generate reports from detailed audit data. Improve your agent productivity KPIs continuously.
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Check Out Our Robot Factory

Jacada Interact is low code customer service automation software that helps businesses harmonize and elevate their rich and diverse customer experience stack. Go beyond omnichannel customer experience and deliver multiexperience. Harness the power of robotic process automation and drive hyperautomation across the entire customer journey. Enable your business analysts to do it all using our no-code designer. Available from our Public Cloud, and for deployment in your Private Cloud or for On-Premise Data Centers.  

Jacada Robot Factory

Customer Heroes

Customer Service Automation in Action



  • RPA launches 50+ Apps in context to help agents focus on customers
  • End to end automation of redemption & Tech Support Processes
  • Drove down AHT by 50 seconds
  • Improved FCR by 5%


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  • Agent Guidance & Next Best Action
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Consistent with Policies
  • More than 60sec AHT reduction
  • Improved business agility to address complex offers


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  • Agent Guidance powered by Robotic Process Automation & Knowledge push
  • Prevent Human Errors
  • Automate Call Summary
  • Automate Research Tasks
  • Saves over 2 minutes in AHT


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  • Unified Agent Desktop and Smart Agent Assistant
  • Enables multi-skilled Universal Agents to serve over 800+ processes across multiple core banking platforms


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Customer Service Automation Done Right

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