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We chose to work with the team at Jacada because they are the experts in solving complex customer service issues and because they've proven that they understand the specific business challenges we face.

Allison Garretson, Senior Vice President of Operations & Customer Experience

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The Jacada Difference

CRM Systems as Agent Desktops

Your CRM stores customer data and can boost customer lifetime value with the rich data it holds. But, is it the right tool to deliver an engaging customer experience? Learn how a smart agent desktop harmonizes with your CRM and other applications. You can deliver an elevated agent and customer experience and leave the mess behind.

Case Management Systems as Agent Desktops

Your Case Management application is great at managing your customer complaints. But your customers aren’t tickets to process. They’re human beings with real problems. Why not build a state-of-the-art [cutting-edge] agent desktop with case management? Automation can perfect each customer interaction. Reduce the struggle and strain for both customers and agents while you’re at it. Learn how.

Home Grown Agent Desktops

The mosaic of applications and tech stacks that makes up the agent desktop is daunting. Your first call is to your IT team. Your second call may be to a systems integrator. Don’t make that call. Learn how a purpose-built customer service automation stack can elevate the customer experience. We’ll show you how to simplify the path to a beautiful future state.

Good Luck Improving CX When EX Sucks

Contact Center leaders have long overlooked complexity in their operations. Who wants to look when updating your call center software feels so formidable? “Out of sight out of mind” is never a good plan. You’re paying the price in agent and customer churn. We’ve helped hundreds of companies crack the age-old problem of customer service complexity. Learn from the experts in unified agent desktops and join the EX revolution.

Harmonize & Elevate. Not Rip & Replace.

The richness of the customer experience tech stack will only continue to expand. The search for ONE platform is elusive. The smarter way to run your operation #likeaboss is to harmonize and elevate your silos. That way your workforce won’t suffer and quit. And your customers won’t struggle through taxing interactions and churn. Learn how Jacada’s agent desktop powered by customer service automation can help.

Boost Agent Engagement & Productivity Like a Maniac.

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to employee engagement, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some employees abandon guidance tools while the rest are successful. Run experiments, examine heat maps and other reports generated from detailed audit data. We promise you’ll hit your productivity KPIs again and again.
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Check Out Our Robot Factory

Jacada Interact is low code customer service automation software that helps businesses harmonize and elevate their rich and diverse customer experience stack. Go beyond omnichannel customer experience and deliver multiexperience. Harness the power of robotic process automation and drive hyperautomation across the entire customer journey. Enable your business analysts to do it all using our no-code designer. Available from our Public Cloud, and for deployment in your Private Cloud or for On-Premise Data Centers.  

Jacada Robot Factory

Customer Heroes

Customer Service Automation in Action



  • RPA launches 50+ Apps in context to help agents focus on customers
  • End to end automation of redemption & Tech Support Processes
  • Drove down AHT by 50 seconds
  • Improved FCR by 5%



  • Agent Guidance & Next Best Action
  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Consistent with Policies
  • More than 60sec AHT reduction
  • Improved business agility to address complex offers



  • Agent Guidance powered by Robotic Process Automation & Knowledge push
  • Prevent Human Errors
  • Automate Call Summary
  • Automate Research Tasks
  • Saves over 2 minutes in AHT



  • Unified Agent Desktop and Smart Agent Assistant
  • Enables multi-skilled Universal Agents to serve over 800+ processes across multiple core banking platforms


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