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Agent Assist

A Visual Drag and Drop interface enables business analysts, senior agents and product owners to quickly create, modify, test and deploy call flows or establish layouts, change roles, rules and privileges -- without the need for IT support.

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Oh, We Get It

Forrester predicts 80% of agent desktop actions are ready for automation. But before you task your unattended bots to do ‘attended work’, proceed with caution…

...not all bots are created equal

The Jacada Difference

Build Guided Flows, Not Just Knowledge Articles.

Subject matter experts, agents, trainers, product managers, and supervisors can create guided workflows with clicks — not code — and publish them in real-time to your agents. With full support for integrating with your applications, our rules engine, and built-in language translation, can dynamically change to perfect every customer interaction.

Call center scripting that does not sound scripted

Guide your novice and experienced agents on any customer interaction. Help them handle objections on a sales or fundraising call, comfort an anxious customer, comply with industry regulations and company best practices. Do it all with a guided workflow that automates decisions and tasks, so that your agents focus on your customers. 

Next Best Action to next issue avoidance

Personalize the customer interaction at scale by leveraging insights from several back-end systems. Orchestrate processes and systems, manage follow-up tasks and more using available APIs and robotic process automation, in an easy-to-use visual designer.

Make Knowledge Actionable. Not Just Searchable.

You may have spent years writing documents, job aids and maintaining your knowledge base. But your agents only have seconds, if any, to find the right job aid or piece of information that might help them on a customer interaction. Spare them the time and effort, and boost FCR by helping your agents just in time. Design your guided workflows so that they bring the right knowledge and insight to the agents at the right time.  

Omnichannel Context. Pause & Resume Interactions.

Your customers hate it when they are asked for the same information. Help your customers continue a self-service interaction as they begin engaging your agents. Offer complete context of the customer’s journey prior to the call or chat interaction, so that agents can pick up where customers had paused. Save AHT and boost NPS.

Boost Agent Engagement & productivity like A maniac

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to employee engagement, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some employees abandon guidance tools while the rest are successful. Run experiments, examine heat maps and other reports generated from detailed audit data and continuously improve your agent productivity KPIs.  

self-service adoption

Check Out Our Robot Factory

Jacada Interact is low code customer service automation software that helps businesses harmonize and elevate their rich and diverse customer experience stack. Go beyond omnichannel customer experience and deliver multiexperience. Harness the power of robotic process automation and drive hyperautomation across the entire customer journey. Enable your business analysts to do it all using our no-code designer. Available from our Public Cloud, and for deployment in your Private Cloud or for On-Premise Data Centers.  

Jacada Robot Factory

Customer Heroes

Customer Service Automation in Action



  • Savvy consumers shop around for the best internet and entertainment bundles.
  • Sales Aids increase Sales Conversion Rates.
  • System Training dropped from 3 weeks to 1 week.

Drive sales by guiding agents

  • Customers call in to cancel bookings and get refunds even when they’re sometimes ineligible
  • Contact Volume up by 40% (COVID)
  • Business made changes to agent tools in real-time to resolve requests.

Boost FCR even on difficult calls

Telefonica O2

  • SMEs built technical troubleshooting tools used by Tier 1 Agents.
  • 25% Decrease in Repeat Calls.
  • 50% Decrease in Escalations to Tier 2 Agents
  • 40 Sec AHT Reduction.

Help Tier 1 Agents drive fcr


  • Retailer automates low-value requests using Use Cases: Store Locator, Employee Locator, Operating Hours
  • Solution Highlights: Serve use cases on IVR & Agent Desktop. Manage rules and assets in one designer.
  • Automated triage saves agents time and effort.

Automate low value interactions

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