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Jacada’s intelligent self-service solution combines AI, NLU, and RPA technologies to provide automated conversational services. Its advanced dialog management capabilities, library of pre-built intents, robust analytics platform, and flexible hosting options position it well for success in the future as the adoption of IVA solution accelerates.

Skand Bhargava, Practice Director

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Learn why leaders trust Jacada with Intelligent Self-Service

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Oh, We Get It

Many organizations made significant investment in user experience, web self-service, knowledge management and web content management solutions. Yet, it is still difficult and time-consuming for customers to find what’s helpful and relevant.

According to Gartner, you should introduce a guided servicing experience and make the process visible to both service agents and customers — critical to reduce customer effort and improve the overall customer experience.

The Jacada Difference

Guided Self-Service Journeys

Design Intelligent virtual Assistants. No Coding.

Business analysts in your customer operations team can now design your customers’ guided self-serve journey from scratch. From next best action to next best channel, make it a no-brainer for your customers and your operations team.

Great AI Does NOT Imply Great Results

Sure. Start with the best conversational AI to build your bots. That’s why we offer inbuilt connectors to industry leading NLP services such as Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson among others supporting over 100 languages.

Make no mistake though: there’s more to a great chatbot than its AI. What about intent fulfillment, personalization, context and dialog management and most importantly the richness of the user experience across channels and modalities?

Learn how you can do it all at record speed without an army of developers or data scientists.

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Push the Limit of Your Chatbot

Texting, Chatting or Messaging — using free-text is a great way to start a conversation. However, there are limits to how you can effortlessly and securely complete a self-service interaction while texting. What about authentication, payments, PII, PHI and PCI? Learn how to weave in rich user experiences — forms, buttons, menus, carousels and more in the middle of simple text conversations to simplify and secure customer interactions.

RPA Extends the Reach of Your Self-Service

If your IT team isn’t available to help build an API to automate a simple task that today requires your agents in the contact center, look no further. Use our Robotic Process Automation to extend the reach of your self-service.
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Got Numerous Self-Service Assets already?

Great. Boost digital adoption by leveraging an intelligent virtual assistant that tracks which assets your customers have used and promote those that maximize self-service success. Identify points of self-service failure and unearth opportunities for automation, even as you help customers in real-time with guided self-service, so that they don’t have to repeat themselves ever again.

Boost Self-Service Like a Maniac

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to self-service adoption, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some customers abandon self-service while the rest are successful with advanced reporting and analytics. Run experiments and continuously improve your self-service KPIs.

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Check Out Our Robot Factory

Jacada Interact is low code customer service automation software that helps businesses harmonize and elevate their rich and diverse customer experience stack. Go beyond omnichannel customer experience and deliver multiexperience. Harness the power of robotic process automation and drive hyperautomation across the entire customer journey. Enable your business analysts to do it all using our no-code designer. Available from our Public Cloud, and for deployment in your Private Cloud or for On-Premise Data Centers.  

Customer Heroes

Customer Service Automation in Action

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  • Web & Mobile Self-Service launched from web site, mobile app, QR codes & WhatsApp
  • Track order status, order complaints, store locator & more
  • Cuts customer effort for order related issue resolution by 80%
  • Launched COVID use cases in days
Text Chat & Messenger Bots



  • Chat bot on web site
  • Where is my order? Why is it late? What should I do now?
  • Personalized answers that resolve problems
  • Cuts 70% of emails and 40% of calls requiring agents
  • Launched in 5 weeks
Jacada Talk Voice bots



  • Voice bot at the IVR
  • Cuts 50% of customer effort for roadside assistance
  • Increases end-to-end self-service rate by 13%
  • Reduces AHT by 11%
  • Launched in 12 weeks
Jacada Multimodal Bots



  • Omnichannel Visual IVR
  • Cuts 70% of customer effort for product activation
  • Increases self-service rate by 11%
  • 99% customer satisfaction
  • Launched in 8 weeks

How To Get Started

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Customer Service Automation Done Right

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