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Low Code Automation Platform to
Harmonize Your Contact Center
and Elevate Your CX

Build customer service automation solutions at scale

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Jacada is focused on enabling automation and optimization of processes across the customer service value chain. Its ability to combine RPA and conversational AI capabilities to deliver an integrated customer service automation solution is one of its key strengths.​

Amardeep Modi, Practice Director

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Oh, We Get It

When it comes to customer service software, Gartner predicts that the continued multivendor ecosystem investment required today will lead to higher total cost of ownership, less efficiency, reduced connected functionality, and disjointed user experiences.

Learn How Customer Service Automation Can Help.

The Jacada Difference

Harmonize & Elevate. Not Rip & Replace.

The richness of the customer service software stack will only continue to expand. The search for ONE platform is elusive. The smarter way to run your operation #likeaboss is to harmonize and elevate your silos. That way your workforce won’t suffer and quit. And your customers won’t struggle through taxing interactions and churn.  

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Deliver Multiexperience. Engage Customers Where They Are.

Deliver a consistent experience and maximize first contact resolution on any customer touchpoint — Websites, Mobile Apps, Chatbots, Messengers, Personal Assistants, Conversational IVR & Voice Bots to name a few. Help them successfully adopt your digital channels with multimodal assistance and visual IVRs. Connect the dots so they don’t have to when they need live assistance over the phone, chat, messaging, social, or email. Do it all without having to change your contact center platforms.

Empower Employees With an RPA Powered Player-Coach

Stop using yesterday’s techniques to boost productivity and engagement with traditional WFM, WFO, QM & PM. Learn why Gartner rated Jacada #1 in agent assistance and task management. See how our RPA powered Assistants can help your workforce as the coach they’ve been waiting for. Do it all without disrupting the employee experience or your agent desktop systems.
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Hyperautomate the Customer Experience

Everything that should be automated will be automated. As organizations augment business processes and the digital ops toolbox with AI and RPA, Jacada leads the way for contact center operations leaders with a purpose-built end-to-end customer service automation platform. Learn why our collaboration-first approach to automation is critical for successfully automating the customer experience.

Make Knowledge & Insights Actionable With Automation.

Stop writing job aids. Guide your employees on the job with turn by turn direction. Is it enough to alert your agents in real-time about a churn risk or a high-value customer interaction? Leverage an RPA assistant that doubles down as a player-coach to convert those insights to outcomes with automation and real-time guidance. Finally, learn why Jacada won this innovation award for automating customer interactions.

Hint: Convert Knowledge to Action in No Time.
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best of breed

Best of Breed AI

Understand your customers and employees in over 100 languages as they text and talk. Used in billions of customer interactions. Industry- leading Conversational AI from the likes of Google, IBM, Microsoft, AWS, and Facebook. Blended to suit your unique needs and budgets. Learn how you can build the most sustainable customer service AI with Jacada’s low code automation platform.

No Code. Low Code. Hands-on Code.

Jacada Interact is a low code automation platform purpose-built to help business analysts, developers and operations leaders deliver exceptional customer service. 

Build guided experiences for your customers and employees. Engage them with a graphical UX as well as a conversational UX. Engage visually as well as over speech. Automate manual tasks and processes using our award-winning robotic process automation engine. Reimagine your CX with the power of automation without having to rip and replace your existing systems. 

Take a quick peek at our designer here and sign up for your free trial now.

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Public Cloud. Private Cloud. On-Premise.

Our automation platform supports available across multiple geographies and supports consumers and businesses in many languages. Whether it’s B2C, B2B, or B2B2C, we’ve helped clients automate customer operations at scale. You may simply sign up for a tenant in our public cloud, or install the software in your private cloud or on-premise data center.

Time to rescue your customers from complexity and become a hero.
Let's get started.

Bots for Customers

Bots for Customers

Embrace Multiexperience.
Engage Your Customers Where They Are.

Bots for Employees

Bots for Employees

Unburden Your Employees with Bots that Guide, Automate, Assist & Unify their Workspace.

Customer Heroes

Customer Service Automation in Action

connect with customers

Connect with customers


  • Multimodal voice and visual bot at the IVR
  • Cuts 50% of Customer Effort for assistance requests
  • Increases End-to-end Self-Service Rate by 13%
  • Reduces AHT by 11%
Personalized Customer Experience

hyperautomate the experience


  • RPA launches 50+ Apps in context to help agents focus on customers
  • End-to-end automation of Redemption & Tech Support Processes
  • Drove down AHT by 50 seconds
  • Improved FCR by 5%
Intelligent Automation

Make Intelligence Actionable


  • Chat bot on Web Site
  • Cuts 70% of email and 40% of calls requiring Agents
  • Where is my order? Why is it late? What should I do now?
  • Personalized answers that resolve problems
smart agent assistant

Empower Your Employees


  • Unified Agent Desktop and Smart Agent Assistant
  • Enables multi-skilled Universal Agents to serve over 800+ Credit Unions for 100+ Processes across Multiple Core Banking platforms