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CIO 100 Award

CIO Magazine honored the United States Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) with the “CIO 100 Award” for business agility innovation achieved while utilizing Jacada’s solution.

About the Client

The U.S. Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) manages the $6 billion facility contract process for the Navy. This includes contract bid, negotiation, document writing, cost accounting and award in support of facility projects and construction. In addition, NAVFAC manages another $2 billion of facility maintenance efforts. This spending is related to all aspects of real estate, design, construction, Navy housing, base operations, base development and environmental efforts. As with any organization that has used computing throughout the years, NAVFAC has a mix of systems running on different computing platforms.

Managing the end-to-end contract process for the Navy is significant. In addition to the sheer volume ($6 billion), there are about 2,000 people executing 64,000 contract actions, which total about 6.4 million mostly manual steps. The Navy’s goal, like many commercial organizations, was to reduce process time and cost to accomplish its mission and rely more on speed and agility.

Our Approach

The US Navy and Jacada set out to radically improve the contracts administration process and integrate procurement systems, including legacy systems where the Navy does not have the source code, into a single end-user application.

Before the project, routine work on solicitation, award and modification of contracts required Naval personnel to re-key the same data into a variety of applications running on different platforms.

Following implementation, the Navy saw productivity gains, elimination of redundant data entry and elimination of navigation between different applications.


  • NAVFAC was able to achieve return on investment (ROI) within 6 months
  • Over a million manual steps per year or 83% of the manual effort has been automated
  • Significant productivity improvements throughout the entire procurement process
  • New web services created using RPA are now accessible as reusable services across the organization

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