Automate Your Contact Center With an Assistance-First Approach

Contact Center Automation Platform that helps you assist customers and contact center agents in real-time by understanding customer intent and automating processes using AI and RPA

Jacada’s product development and go-to-market strategy is focused on automating customer service operations. It is a pioneer in delivering unified RPA and conversational AI capabilities and has a differentiated value proposition for organizations looking to automate and optimize processes across the customer service value chain.
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Amardeep Modi
Practice Director

Contact Center Automation Takes You from
Human Middleware to AI Middleware

Your contact center automation platform should rapidly integrate with existing systems and excel in automating conversations and processes, while offering effortless guided user experiences for everything that cannot or should not be automated.

  • Assist Assist customers and agents in multiple modalities at once with AI and RPA Learn More
  • Understand Understand customer intent with conversational AI and other insights in real-time Learn More
  • Automate Rapidly integrate your disparate tech stack, and automate tasks, processes, and conversations Learn More

What is Real-time Assistance?

Real-time assistance is software that helps you understand customer’s needs, automate required actions to fulfill their request, and assist the customer and the contact center agent on the remainder of the interaction in real-time.

Automate your contact center #LIKEABOSS and assist customers and contact center agents in real-time with the power of AI and RPA.

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Customer Assist
Boost self-service adoption with real-time customer assistance
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Agent Assist
Battle contact center complexity with real-time agent assistance

How to Save the Modern Contact Center Using
Real-time Assistance

What Makes Real-time Assistance Different?

  1. Start with the user experience, not the AI or automation technology.
  2. Streamline complex customer interactions, not only simple interactions.
  3. Understand what customers mean, not only what they say.
  4. Harmonize and elevate systems, not rip and replace them.
  5. Automate the flow of knowledge, not only the flow of data and processes.
  6. Build on AI Middleware, not Human Middleware.
  7. Build multimodal experiences, not siloed experiences for each modality.
  8. Assist employees during customer interactions, not only before or after moments that matter.

The Case For Contact Center Automation


We selected Jacada due to the time-to-market advantages of their software and approach, and their expertise and success in simplifying and automating customer service processes.

Jacada provides a flexible, adaptable and scalable solution that is very compatible with our existing infrastructure and strategic direction. The ability to implement the solution quickly, without modifying our existing systems or infrastructure, was key in our decision to go with Jacada.

Srinivas Koushik, Chief Information Officer
Nationwide Insurance

How Contact Center Automation Fits Into Your Enterprise Tech Stack?

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The Jacada Difference

no code design

No Code Design of Rich Graphical UX

Deliver effortless experiences for your customers and your employees. Create rich UX with forms, menus, buttons, carousels, videos, images, and more. Let your citizen develops hot deploy changes, manage versions, while enjoying full-blown integration to back end systems all under mature governance processes that ensure business agility and robust systems management.

No-Code Design of Virtual Agents Powered by Best of Breed Conversational AI

With natural language understanding support for over 100 languages from the world’s best conversational AI platforms, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you choose the best natural language engine that fits your needs. You can design your conversations and all the integration your intelligent virtual agents will need using no-code design and automation tools.
Product no code design
Product low code automation

Low Code Automation Design

Integrate to any system using standard web services, custom APIs and create new APIs using robotic process automation, all from the same low code automation platform.

Multilingual Support for Your
Customers & Employees

With natural language understanding support for over 100 languages from the world’s best conversational AI platforms, we’ve got you covered. Automate your processes and conversations from the same no-code designer and simply configure support for multiple languages and scale your automations for your culturally diverse customers and employees.
conversational ai middleware
Product adoption analytics

Adoption Analytics for
Continuous Improvement

When it comes to improving the customer experience or boosting employee engagement, one size doesn’t fit all. Learn why some customers and employees adopt your solutions while the rest don’t. Run experiments, examine heat maps and other reports generated from detailed audit data. We promise you’ll hit your KPIs again and again.

Multitenant Public Cloud.
Private Cloud. On-Premise.

Our automation platform is available across multiple geographies and supports consumers and businesses in many languages. Whether it’s B2C, B2B, or B2B2C, we’ve helped clients automate customer operations at scale. You may simply sign up for a tenant in our public cloud, or install the software in your private cloud or on-premise data center.
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