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How to Cut Call Center Agent Onboarding Time in Half

ROI of Contact Center Automation
in 5 Simple Steps

80% of work done in contact centers can be automated.
Start with a hypothesis on what you should automate today.


We chose to work with the team at Jacada because they are the experts in solving complex customer service issues and because they've proven that they understand the specific business challenges we face

Allison Garretson, Senior Vice President of Operations & Customer Experience

Oh, We Get It​

Automation, AI and RPA are often prescribed in the recipe for recovery and reimagination. Leaders need to proceed with a data driven mindset to avoid costly mistakes.

Through this interactive ROI calculator, we hope to raise the right questions that will guide you on the road ahead.

Check out our webinar which covers more advanced ROI topics. Request a free copy of our antifragile business case planner.

How To Get Started...

customers with Multiexperience

Schedule an Expert Consultation

Jacada consultants engage in a 60-minute Q&A with you to refine your inputs and our analysis. Free of cost.

Prepare a Plan to Automate Your Customer Service

Jacada consultants recommend a plan to transform your customer service experience with AI and RPA.
Assist Customers

Launch and Scale Your Automations

Start for free and launch in weeks. Scale up with additional bots across the entire customer lifecycle.

1 Day - 4 Days - 4 Weeks
Rinse & Repeat

Automate Customer Interactions Across The Customer Lifecycle

Acquire & Onboard
Billing & Payments
Trust & Security
Account Management
Disputes & Claims
Order Management
Tech Support
Crawl, Walk & Run to Drive 10X Change with Customer Service Automation Software.

Why Rip and Replace, When You Can Harmonize & Elevate?

Results You Can Count On

Reduction in
Customer Effort
Improvement in
Self-Service Rates
Reduction in
Agent Onboarding Time
Reduction in
Error Rates
Reduction in
Average Handle Time
Improvement in
First Contact Resolution
Dedication to your
CX Success

Customer Service Automation Done Right

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