is omnichannel and personalization mutual exclusive

Omnichannel and personalization – and never the twain shall meet

Is the desire to deliver a true omnichannel contact center offering at odds with the idea of providing a truly personalized customer experience?

Why the phone still seems to be the preferred channel of choice

I just called to say…I have a problem

Despite the massive investments many organizations are making in new digital contact channels, the majority of customers are still turning to the tried and tested telephone to resolve their challenges.

Financial Darwinism why financial call centers have failed to deliver

The Promise

Many years ago, the banking industry introduced the call center channel with the goal of lowering service costs and improving the overall customer experience. The plan was essentially to eliminate basic, low value transactions from the traditional banking branches banking, which would allow branch workers to focus on higher revenue-generating activities, while also providing customer service access around the clock.

the impact of emotion on customer experience

High on emotion!

The impact of emotion on the customer experience is far greater than it would at first appear. Clearly, this is something that contact centers need to account for.

the benefits of a transactional virtual customer assistant

Helping customers to help themselves

Virtual Customer Assistants or Chatbots offer organizations a new dimension in customer service – but not all virtual customer assistants are created equal.

The benefits of a virtual customer assistant

Implementing a Virtual Customer Assistant or sometimes referred to as a Chatbot within your contact center will prove to be beneficial to both your organization and the customers you are trying to serve.

why are customers frustrated with omnichannel cx

Today’s modern, tech-savvy customers are becoming increasingly demanding in their quest for a great customer experience. They expect to be able to shop anytime, anywhere and from any device easily, and if your brand is not fulfilling these expectations, you won’t survive. Therefore, one of the critical aspects of any customer service strategy today is to deploy an Omnichannel sales and customer service approach that provides customers with an integrated experience across all channels, including telephone, mobile, chat or social media.

the benefits of contextual escalation from self service to assisted service

Once upon a time, quality and price were the essences of buying decisions. However, today more and more brands are chosen based on whether the overall customer experience matches customer expectations, and delivering a frictionless, cross-channel customer experience is the key.

visual ivr is the gateway to true digital transformation

Visualize great customer service

Digital transformation is the ultimate goal of most contact centers, and the ideal gateway to such transformation is a tool that can significantly improve customer service while also reducing costs – Visual IVR.

self service and the future of customer service

As an increasing number of customers choose to do it themselves, it appears as though the most crucial technology in the future contact center will be self-service.