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visual ivr is the gateway to true digital transformation

Visualize great customer service

Digital transformation is the ultimate goal of most contact centers, and the ideal gateway to such transformation is a tool that can significantly improve customer service while also reducing costs – Visual IVR.

self service and the future of customer service

As an increasing number of customers choose to do it themselves, it appears as though the most crucial technology in the future contact center will be self-service.

Visual IVR A Great Way to Provide Solid Customer Context

Customers hate having to repeat steps already taken, simply because the agent they are speaking to doesn’t know anything about their problem. This can be solved by providing context.

Visual IVR A Great Way to Provide Solid Customer Context

Major Release Version 9.0

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Version 9.0

proactive customer service and its importance

Solving the customer’s problem – before they are aware of it

A proactive approach to customer service may be more difficult to pull off, but it offers a wide array of benefits that should excite any enterprise.

choice availability responsiveness and personalization Jacada

If you want your contact center to keep pace with increasing customer expectations, you need to focus on the key areas of choice, availability, responsiveness and personalization.

the holy grail of customer service

While focusing on the customer experience today is required, the multitude of touchpoints involved makes it increasingly difficult to keep customers happy all the time, which is necessary if you are to build brand loyalty.

fantastic ivr rise of the silver surfer

An increasing number of senior citizens are making use of smartphones when communicating with contact centers. Adopting a visual IVR is the ideal way to make their lives easier and reduce your own costs at the same time.

measuring customer loyalty is the nps still relevant

In a world where your competition is only one click away, customer loyalty is crucial for staying relevant in any industry and profitable. Did you know that it costs today about 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, while just a 5% increase in retention increases profits by up to 95%?

what is a true omnichannel experience

The customer experience begins well before and continues long after their interactions with your contact center. So an omnichannel experience encompasses much more than just customer service.