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Simplify Your Agents’ Experience to Better Serve Customers


By Gideon Hollander, CEO for Jacada Inc.

Customer-Server-RepFor all the strides made in measuring customer satisfaction, the contact center by-and-large remains a metrics-driven organization, constantly striving to improve on key performance indicators, the most common being Average Handle Time (AHT) and First Call Resolution (FCR). To complicate matters,

Jacada Co-CEO, Gideon Hollander Discusses Contact Centers and CRM

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The barometer of dissatisfaction for consumers when calling into a contact center has been rising steadily over the last few years despite all of the tools, checks and balances implemented by organizations. Jacada co-ceo Gideon "Giddy" Hollander weighs in on the radio show, Business Technology News Hour, to discuss why he believes CRM is impeding call center agents from interacting with their customers more fully due to overly automated processes and complex CRM systems.

Listen to the audio of the interview below:

By Gideon Hollander, CEO of Jacada Ltd.

callcenterCustomer relationship management (CRM) systems are powerful. And complicated.

Chances are, your call centre agents use a CRM tool as one of the many applications on their desktop today. And it’s likely the CRM system serves as one of the primary “go to” applications utilized during a customer interaction. Which begs the question: Why is my average handle time (AHT) still so high?