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CustomerLookingAtPhoneThe success of a business is measured by its bottom line profitability and the number of satisfied customers. Although these two factors seem contradictory at first glance, they are heavily interrelated. Businesses often think that providing enhanced customer experiences requires a lot of financial resources, which escalate costs. However, industry leaders like Amazon and Zappos have demonstrated that providing quality customer experience is the only long term option for achieving a stable market position in this fiercely competitive world. Why Focus on Customer Centricity?

By: Amir Sabo

myapp mobile phone jacadaA research study that was held by “Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project” in November of 2011 – showed that applications that helped track or manage your health, were amongst the lowest in the ‘food chain’, as far as what adults users download for Smartphone.

HealthCare Apps seem to move to the back of the line and do not seem to take the place of the “most researched ones” on the ‘App Store’ or ‘Android Marketplace’.

So why is this tidbit of information so important?? As most people prefer to think of themselves as healthy in general (shocking….) and do not really want to contact their HealthCare providers (Surprise, Surprise…) – it is twice and triple as important, for the HealthCare Providers, to Make Every Interaction Count… and when your members do contact you – make the most out of that cherished interaction.

200 210x1Abstract - Mobile devices are becoming the largest engagement channel for customers, and most businesses are woefully underprepared. With unprecedented growth in mobile device adoption, customers expect to reach an organization anytime and from anywhere. The new mobile self-service channel offers organizations an unprecedented opportunity to provide an improved self-service experience, reduce inbound call volume, and capture one of the largest growing demographics: Mobile Customers

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CustServiceAgent blonde

In advance of our webinar on May 23rd about how to Improve Your Customer Service using dynamic scripting we wanted to share what we feel makes for a better customer contact experience when creating your script and training your agents.  

Angry Customer Mobile sizedRunning a call center is anything but easy. You’re tasked with providing superior customer service while juggling a number of business priorities. From adhering to pre-set business metrics and key performance indicators to servicing customers across multiple channels, each priority compounds the complexity inherent in customer service calls today. 

Bad Call Centre ScriptsIn advance of our webinar on May 23rd about how to Improve Your Customer Service using dynamic scripting we wanted to talk a little about what makes for a great CSR / Customer conversation.

The objective of any great script is to create and deliver a scripted conversation that to the customer feels like a routine, natural conversation and persuades them to do something.

By Gideon Hollander, CEO for Jacada Inc.

AutomationBlogCustomer experience is often hard to define. It’s rarely a quantifiable metric. Yet, it’s ultimately the single most important metric for your organization. After all, ignore this, and your customers will take their business elsewhere. So what makes a good customer experience? Customer satisfaction normally arises from a combination of efficiency (Average Handle Time), effectiveness (First Call Resolution) and call flows that are natural and guide the call toward optimal process resolution. 

Simplify Your Agents’ Experience to Better Serve Customers


By Gideon Hollander, CEO for Jacada Inc.

Customer-Server-RepFor all the strides made in measuring customer satisfaction, the contact center by-and-large remains a metrics-driven organization, constantly striving to improve on key performance indicators, the most common being Average Handle Time (AHT) and First Call Resolution (FCR). To complicate matters,

Jacada Co-CEO, Gideon Hollander Discusses Contact Centers and CRM

email 2010-03-16-agents
The barometer of dissatisfaction for consumers when calling into a contact center has been rising steadily over the last few years despite all of the tools, checks and balances implemented by organizations. Jacada co-ceo Gideon "Giddy" Hollander weighs in on the radio show, Business Technology News Hour, to discuss why he believes CRM is impeding call center agents from interacting with their customers more fully due to overly automated processes and complex CRM systems.

Listen to the audio of the interview below:

By Gideon Hollander, CEO of Jacada Ltd.

callcenterCustomer relationship management (CRM) systems are powerful. And complicated.

Chances are, your call centre agents use a CRM tool as one of the many applications on their desktop today. And it’s likely the CRM system serves as one of the primary “go to” applications utilized during a customer interaction. Which begs the question: Why is my average handle time (AHT) still so high?