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The future of customer service, is no service. It is said that in a few years’ time, about 85% of all customer relationships, customer interactions, will be managed without having to speak to a human. Now we know that today we are far away from that future state because many larger organizations take millions of calls from customers every week and every month in their call centers.

dont dis digital channelsPerhaps one of the most intriguing findings recently published in the Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report (GCCBR) is that Customer Experience (Cx) is finally being cited as the primary reason for organizations’ strategic development, investment and deployment of digital channels and solutions. In previous years, cost reduction was the primary motivator.

So one of the things that we hear and see frequently is that many organizations tend to have two groups within, both kind of oriented toward "How can we engage customers and get them to self-serve?" There's the digital side that's responsible for the web and mobile app, and then there's the voice side that's responsible for the IVR and the natural language. And unfortunately, it's like these are two separate groups, and they develop their own solutions, and when they do, they leave customers with a very disconnected and, frankly, a very different experience based on which one they engage in.

Avoid Digital Highway to HellThere is no longer any doubt that the clear majority of customers in most developed geographies are strongly leaning towards a preference for self-service and the utilization of digital channels. As a consequence, many organizations are scrambling to deploy a plethora of what are seen to be ‘quick-fix’ digital offerings in a parallel quest to both increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing operational costs. And herein lies the danger; taking the on-ramp to the digital highway at great speed and with scant regard for the actual journey, the consequences or, for that matter, the final destination.

The Robots are coming for our jobs!

There’s been a lot of recent alarmist press about robots and automation that feeds into the dystopian point of view so prevalent in popular culture these days. Rather than zombies and killer viruses we’re looking at the era of smart machines, drones, autonomous cars, and even self-service kiosks at McDonald’s now dispensing all you can eat fries in some markets – now that’s something to worry about!

Jacada Webinar OmnichannelIn December, I had 100+ interactions with 2 different airlines as I tried to track 5 pieces of family luggage that had gone missing during an international trip. As I told my story, over and over again, oh how I wished that the airlines and agents involved had a sense of my customer journey and were able to pick up from the last call and not start all over. And that the website reflected the latest information that I had given an agent. And that the baggage people at the airport were empowered to text me when they had found the luggage.

Jacada robotic automationIn 1947, General Motors saw the benefit of reducing labor through automation and established a department to save energy and materials and improve process quality, accuracy and precision. The latter three themes - quality, accuracy and precision - constantly elude many contact center operations where processes can be horizontally and vertically complex and inevitably span multiple business applications.

ominchannel retailing blog Jacada

The Advantages of Omni-Channel Retailing


The emergence of liberalisation, privatisation & globalisation coupled with thriving population, climbing GDP growth, rising disposable income & increasing consumer expenditure across different economies of the world have fueled the growth in global retail industry & created numerous opportunities for all kinds of players in retail segment.

omnichannel questions blogOmnichannel - the phrase everyone throws around, the business model few know how to implement.

Confused? We’ve got your back. Here are 4 answers to questions too many executives are afraid to ask out loud.

omnichannel blog imageClients have huge expectations for accepting incredible encounters of shopping experience across all greater part of the channels they utilize. Giving clients problematic or even run-of-the-mill isn’t an alternative – if clients are unsatisfied or baffled with their omnichannel encounters, they'll escape.

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