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customer expectations today

Customer service trends are today driven by the need to meet consumer expectations. However, the evolution of technological innovation together with the shift in the demographics of consumers has led to quickly changing expectations. The main challenge in customer service strategy today lies in its ability to adapt to these changes and to grow in complexity, especially as it becomes increasingly crucial to the success of a company.

how digital can save your organization money

This additional revenue can then be channeled back into agent upskilling

Contact centers, like any business, face a continuously mounting barrage of costs. Whether we are talking wage increases or rising operational costs, the need to improve efficiencies and limit overheads is a problem that simply won’t go away.

digital engagement on the voice channel

Jacada is dramatically improving the experience of customer service at contact centers around the world. By providing the option to pivot an inbound call to a digital session, customers are able to bypass long hold times and effectively self-service their inquiry. This digital session is launched in-context, when required, and all without the need to download a mobile app.

Omnichannel necessary but complex

As customers adopt multiple contact channels, challenges like digital pivoting come to the fore.

The present ubiquity of smartphones, the rapid growth of Social Media and the interconnectedness of modern consumers means that companies today face something of a quandary. They are finding that there is an increasing need to communicate and respond to customers using a multitude of channels beyond the standard voice call.