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Jacada works with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help clients rapidly design, scale and securely manage intelligent assistants using Dialogflow.

Enterprise organizations who are eager to leverage a leading cognitive service such as Dialogflow to build differentiated customer experiences are cautious of certain aspects such as:

  • Information security related to user expressions that are shared with a cloud based cognitive service
  • Extent of coding required to:
    • Drive intent fulfillment and personalization of the user experience
    • Implement industry-standard interfaces into various leading systems of record and systems of engagement
    • Offer rich user experiences particularly in web touchpoints commonly used by vast segments of end users in the enterprise space
  • Importance of integration to back-end systems to drive desired customer outcomes and the challenges with integrating to such systems
  • Domain Expertise - inability of business users to design, manage and own the end to end customer experience in an agile manner, due to the reliance on front-end and back-end developers
  • Total cost of ownership associated with the reliance on developers, particularly, as clients look to scale past initial phases of the deployment.
  • Sensitivity to the customer experience and its impact on brand perception
  • Sensitivity to the volume of customer interactions and demands on the overall cost to serve the customer base.

Jacada’s low code customer service automation framework, addresses all these concerns and propels clients to rapidly launch and scale the execution of their cognitive engagement strategy. Google’s artificial intelligence capabilities with Jacada’s abilities to integrate and enable rapid automation and customer service interactions in complex contact center environments help Jacada’s clients rapidly design, scale and securely manage Intelligent Assistants.

About Jacada

Jacada is a leading contact center technology provider specializing in customer service automation solutions that boost customer loyalty and agent productivity.

Jacada Solutions are built using its mature low-code customer service automation framework, Jacada Interact. Interact seamlessly integrates with existing systems of record, systems of engagement and leading artificial intelligence platforms to enable business analysts to design and manage the end to end customer experience in an agile manner, regardless of the disparities across the underlying systems.

Jacada has a longstanding commitment to reuse existing enterprise assets and product capabilities to integrate with existing systems using traditional as well as robotic automation technologies. This amplifies Jacada’s ability to digitally transform complex contact centers and automate a broad variety of customer operations with intelligent customer service solutions.