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Siebel Call Center Integration and the Customer Service Desktop

The true realization of a comprehensive Jacada Siebel call center integration solution results in a dynamic, "intelligent" and consistent customer interaction. Many organizations have discovered that their customer service representatives (CSRs) are limited because systems are difficult to use and are not integrated. What is required is a way to unify the customer relationship components by implementing a Siebel call center integration solution and making all data directly available to the CSR.

Jacada Siebel call center integration solutions unify and simplify the CSR's desktop, which dramatically enhances productivity. This unified desktop approach means improved customer interaction and call quality, reduced call time, a significant reduction in data entry errors and reduced training time – all without modifying any existing systems as part of your Siebel call center initiative.

Jacada WorkSpace Is Your Siebel Call Center Integration Solution

The Jacada® WorkSpace unified service desktop provides a Siebel call center integration solution that delivers a single, "intelligent" point of access to all the mission-critical applications and call center tools required to effectively complete a customer interaction. A cohesive, unified desktop is the final step in a true turnkey call center integration initiative that allows your CSRs access to the multitude of disparate systems and resources needed to effectively perform all job functions.

Jacada Siebel call center integration solutions help your organization unify multiple applications into one desktop presentation, improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, streamline business processes and reduce maintenance costs.