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Financial times are tough. In the insurance industry, competition has never been fiercer. Customer retention has become a primary concern for insurance companies, and these leading insurance providers are looking for new ways to increase customer retention. Otherwise, they face the real prospect of outright failure. Those insurance organizations with the greatest forethought are bolstering their customer service offerings at the tactical level of contact center operations, applying corporate customer retention strategies.

For providers of insurance, customer retention is a successful tool for competitive leverage. Many insurance providers have prioritized customer retention practices throughout their contact center operations. But, in addition to customer retention, contact center operations in the insurance industry still face operational issues, including efficiency, productivity and customer service representative (CSR) satisfaction.

Customer Retention Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Jacada has been successful in implementing customer retention solutions for many insurance providers. Our approach to the customer retention issue is focused on the unified customer service desktop. Implementing a unified desktop in the contact center helps insurance providers overcome inefficiencies, inflexible systems and CSR churn by providing the CSR with a complete view of the customer, leading to increased customer retention while reducing operating expenses.

Jacada solutions dramatically simplify the processes and workflow required by CSRs in the insurance market, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved customer retention. Our unified service desktop solution, Jacada®, provides an "intelligent" point of access to all the mission-critical applications and contact center tools required to effectively handle positive customer interactions and drive customer retention for insurance providers.