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Today, companies are recognizing that being able to deliver a high-quality customer experience through desktop integration is of major strategic value to the organization. Revenue generation and customer loyalty/retention are key objectives of desktop integration. Accomplishment of these objectives requires an enriched, personalized, and consistent customer experience across all business channels. Many organizations discover, however, that their representatives are severely limited because systems are difficult to use and are not integrated.

Desktop Integration and Jacada Fusion

Jacada Fusion desktop integration seamlessly integrates the applications at the CSR's desktop, dramatically improving productivity. The result is:

  • Improved customer interaction and call quality,
  • Reduced call time,
  • Significant reduction in data entry errors, and
  • Reduced training time.

All of which results in driving more business and improving cross-selling capabilities.

Jacada Fusion desktop integration has dramatically improved the contact center operations of major companies worldwide such as AIG, Arch Wireless, Bank of America, Cendant-RCI, Prudential, and many others.

These companies employ Jacada solutions to make contact center systems easier to use, to give representatives access to information needed to meet customer-service demands, and to facilitate Web-based customer self service.

Jacada helps contact centers modernize and transform old green-screen systems into easy-to-use graphical applications with improved workflow and a modern, intuitive look and feel.

Jacada is also the leading desktop integration solution for integrating new CRM solutions, such as Siebel and PeopleSoft, with existing back-office systems – providing access to corporate systems such as billing, inventory, accounts payable/receivable, sales, customer service, etc. As a result, Jacada customers are realizing major reductions in training time, costs, and errors; improving employee productivity and retention; and ultimately delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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