Definitive Guide for Agent Assist

Agent Assist is the holy grail of contact center excellence…

Fact or fiction? There’s only one way to find out. Dig in.

Lets do an exercise.

Raise your hand if your company uses software to guide contact center agents during live customer interactions. I mean it. Don’t just read along – really, raise your hand. This one’s easy. I’ll wait.


Now, keep it raised if your company can easily create guided workflows for each process your contact center needs to follow. Is it still up? Do these workflows guide agents on the actions they need to take, what they need to say, and automate tasks where applicable?

Just a few more. I know your arm may be getting tired.

Now keep it raised if your contact center operations team can build these guided workflows and make changes with minimal support from IT and other teams.  Do these guided workflows morph in real-time based on what your customers might say or how they may express their challenges?

Is your hand still up?

Last question. Keep your hand raised if your agent assist program has cut your training and onboarding time in half, reduced errors dramatically and allowed you to reduce agent attrition as well.

If your arm is still up, you probably already know what agent assistance is and you are using it effectively. Congrats! Give yourself a fist pump, and go ahead and skip to the next section to learn why agent assist is so hot right now.

Everybody on.

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What is Agent Assist?