Make Every Agent
Your Best Agent

Jacada cuts agent onboarding time by 75% and reduces errors by 90%. Start with the agent assistant most trusted by customer operations leaders at Fortune 500 enterprises.
Our robot factory harmonizes and elevates your existing CX stack, without requiring you to rip and replace your assets. Start helping your employees and customers with bots that unburden and empower right away.
With simple stuff being done in self-service, our representatives have to be experts in *everything*. As leaders in the contact center space, we need to give them the tools to focus on what’s important – the member experience.
Rini Fredette, Senior Vice President of Contact Centers

How to Get Started with Agent Assist?

Make the agent experience so simple and instructive that your agents will learn on-the-job.
Yes, it can be done. Get up and running in weeks.
Agent Assist
Call Center Scripting Edition
Guide agents especially on the most dynamic conversations with customers
Agent Assist
Call Center RPA Edition
Guide agents and automate mundane tasks to help agents focus on the customer experience
Agent Assist
Call Center AI Edition
Guide agents and automate tasks based on real-time alerts from conversational AI and RPA

Why Real-time Assistance Matters?

#1 First Contact Resolution
#2 Agent’s Knowledge
#3 Agent’s Attitude
What Customers Care About Most | NTT 2020 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report

While there are many agent “productivity” tools, there is not a single tool designed to help agents on-the-job, in real-time, when they handle complex customer requests.

Learn why agent assist is a game-changer for modern contact centers drowning in complexity.

How to Save the Modern Contact Center Using
Real-time Assistance

How Jacada Delivers Real-time Assistance?

Trusted by contact centers in Fortune 500 enterprises, only Jacada packs the power of the best conversational AI, contact center RPA and next best action guidance to make every agent your best agent.
  • Assist Assist customers and agents in multiple modalities at once with AI and RPA
  • Understand Understand customer intent with conversational AI and other insights in real-time
  • Automate Rapidly integrate your disparate tech stack, and automate tasks, processes, and conversations

What are you looking for?

Contact Center Automation

Our Agent Assist and Customer Assist products are powered by Jacada Interact, the only low-code automation platform purpose-built for contact centers. Come see what’s so special about it.

Customer Stories

Check out our customer stories and see how you can future-proof your CX with contact center automation. We’re here to make contact center complexity a thing of the past.

Results You Can Count On

Reduction in
Customer Effort
Improvement in
Self-Service Rates
Reduction in
Agent Onboarding Time
Reduction in
Error Rate
Reduction in
Average Handle Time
Improvement in
First Contact Resolution
Dedication to your
CX Success