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The Jacada Resource Center includes free whitepapers, industry research and webcasts from Jacada as well as industry sources such as Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, Butler Group, Call Center Magazine and many others.

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Case Studies and Research

Case Studies and Research

Case Study -Telefonica 02 - A Unified Desktop experience
To turn chaos into a competitive advantage, in 2006, Telefónica O2 UK established the Transformation Team and tasked it with some mighty objectives: improve operational effectiveness and continue to lead the market in customer service, while reducing the cost of operations. One of the key initiatives identifi ed by the team was the need for a strategic call centre desktop.

Telecommunications Case Study
This case study examines the implementation of a Jacada® Workspace unified desktop within four of the world’s leading telecommunications companies’ contact centers. Collectively, these companies service over 4.12 million customers worldwide with presence in Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, Germany, and the United States. Each organization operates large contact centers with numbers of agents ranging from 750 to 6000 agents.

Capita - Transforming the business and the customer experience
"The introduction of the Jacada unifi ed desktop has met or exceeded all of our expectations and delivered on our target objectives,” said Phil Bluck, Commercial Director for Capita TVL. “We will realise lifetime savings many times greater than the cost of the solution. Jacada provides innovative technology and a proven implementation approach that can signifi cantly improve the effi ciency and effectiveness of a call centre operation.”

Lilian Vernon - An exceptional customer experience
Jacada was able to demonstrate the “wow” factor that Lillian Vernon desired and followed through on all commitments and expectations. The result is a user-friendly solution that reduced system training time by well over 50% for new hires, reduced classroom attrition and improved agent retention.

KDG Case Study - Creating a Single View of the Customer
The Jacada Platform handles over 6 million calls per year, servicing multiple business units included pre-pay, post-pay, retentions and business consumers. With over a half million calls per month, this unified desktop required high availability and is deployed into a highly clustered J2EE environment.

Insurance Brief
Jacada unified desktop and process optimisation solutions enable insurance IT organisations to deliver a more flexible and competitive customer service environment, while extending the life of existing application investments.  The Jacada unifi ed desktop provides an intelligent view of customer and policy data and facilitates cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to drive additional revenue for insurance providers.

Insurance Case Study
Cost savings associated with the new unified, automated desktop should result in a net reduction in operational expense of almost a quarter of a million dollars per year. The company also expects to see a decrease in agent churn and a dramatic drop in training time, down from two months to as little as two weeks – a 75% reduction for the better.

Telefonica O2 - GURU Technical Support Scripting
With the Jacada Solution that includes JAS, a Telefónica contact center manager can now make changes to the information and process flows being used by advisors very quickly, and as often as required. Better still, the various steps involved with each customer interaction can also be automated to enforce best practices while also reducing the time needed for training.

Vodafone - Vodafone "saves" customer with Jacada
Vodafone SAVE agents are now presented with a much more efficient process when making a call. Through the SUI, an agent now looks up the customer’s information, performs a security check and builds a deal with the customer. The agent can also check handset stock and order the hand set in real-time through the same application.

US Navy benefits From a Composite Application Strategy (Gartner Case Study)
The U.S. Navy Facilities Engineering Command significantly reduced the cost of managing the contract process for more than $6 billion of goods and services for the U.S. Navy around the world. Using a composite application and a serviceoriented architecture strategy based on practical programmatic integration, NAVFAC was able to provide dramatic results in six months for less than $1 million. Consistent with our findings at many organizations, smart reuse of systems as building blocks for new composite applications provides great value at less cost and less time than more-dramatic enterprise resource planning and redevelopment solutions.



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Customer Self Service Webinars:

Webinar: Visual IVR: Speech Friend or Foe?

Reap all the benefits of your current Speech solution without Going Over Budget – Use a visualized solution to complement your existing speech infrastructure.

Webinar: Visualize your Avaya IVR, Delight your Mobile Customers

How Visual IVR connects easily to your existing Avaya Aura Experience Portal IVR

Webinar: Visualize your Cisco IVR, Delight your Mobile Customers

How Visual IVR connects easily to your existing Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal

Webinar: Jacada Multi-Channel Agent Desktop for EMC

Learn how the new Jacada Multichannel Agent Desktop enhances Avaya EMC

Webinar: Dynamic Scripting Makes A Difference

See how to make your agents shine and your customers happy by enabling a natural conversation between them.

Webinar: Visual IVR Roundtable Discussion

Join our panel of industry experts including Adrian Swinscoe, Art Rosenberg, and Dick Bucci, as we define what visual IVR is and the benefits of this technology for organizations worldwide.

Webinar: Attention BPOs- Say goodbye to Manual Processes

BPOs struggle to automate redundant data entry tasks when working with their client’s applications. Lack of automation creates an extensive labor force, long working hours, time-consuming training sessions, data entry errors, and rework.

Webinar: Increasing Revenues with a Joint Jacada/Avaya Solution

View part one of our dedicated webinar series for partners, focusing on "Building a Successful Partnership for Greater Revenue".

Webinar: Visual IVR for Utilities hosted by Vocantas

Webinar: How Visual Self-Service Drives Great Customer Experience

How Visual Self-Service Drives Great Customer Experiences. Learn how to create a Win-Win for both the Connected Customer and the Company

Webinar: Visual IVR Use Cases

The webinar will show several interesting use cases on how to extend an IVR visually; breathing new life into your exiting IVR. New IVR technologies offer the opportunity to redefine the IVR experience for users of mobile devices, all the while preserving and utilizing your existing IVR investment. Visual IVR allows your customers to conveniently touch their way through your IVR using easy to use visual cues.

Webinar: The ROI in making your IVR Visual

View this Jacada webinar as we demonstrate the positive ROI that you will receive by creating a Visual IVR from your traditional IVR. Converting your existing IVR into a Visual IVR is a sensible investment that also yields a better customer experience for your customers.

Webinar: How to Easily Make Your IVR Visual

It’s no secret. Your customers probably don’t like your IVR. Navigating an IVR the old fashioned way is tedious and frustrating. The result? A negative customer experience with the aim of “zeroing-out” and finding a live person. Fortunately, new technology offers you the opportunity to redefine the IVR experience for users of mobile devices, all the while preserving and utilizing your existing IVR investment. Visual IVR allows your customers to conveniently touch their way through your IVR using easy to use visual cues.

Webinar: Change the Channel, Keep the Customer

Join Jacada and Kate Leggett of Forrester Research as we explore the importance of delivering a consistent customer journey. Participants will learn how the most prominent touch points are being leveraged and also learn how to immediately start implementing a successful multi-touch point customer journey.

Webinar: Embracing the Mobile Channel to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

In this Webinar, Kate Leggett of Forrester Research, explores why delivering a good customer experience in a multi- channel world is a tall order and provides insights into industry trends and solutions to this problem. Participants will learn about the challenges of supporting customers across multiple channels without fragmenting the experience, and gain valuable insight into strategies that can be implemented immediately to embrace this new trend.

Webinar: Add Self Service to Your Mobile App in 15 Minutes

In this Webinar you will see Gideon Hollander build a mobile customer self service flow and publish it to a mobile device, demonstrating both the power and ease-of-use of the Jacada Mobile Agent product suite.

Call Center Solutions Webinars:

Webinar: How to Engage and Retain Customers

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how healthcare payers can leverage customer engagement strategies from industries like retail and financial services to build a growing and loyal customer base.

Webinar: Omni-Channel – hype or reality?

Join Jacada for this webinar as Kate Leggett of Forrester Research explores the growing trend of customers demanding access to your organization in an effortless way via multiple touch points, and also takes a look at the cost of not delivering an Omni-channel experience. Backed by informative research and interesting statistics, participants will learn about the latest trends in this exciting space.

Webinar: Agent Scripting Made Easy

In this webinar attendees learned about the benefits of providing agent guidance, how they themselves can build scripts, and learned how one Telco reduced Level 1 to Level 2 support escalations by over 50%!

Webinar: How to make all of your agents your best agents while optimizing your processes

Join us for an informative Webinar that shows you how you can capture your best Agent’s processes and procedures and reuse them across your entire agent base. Now all your agents can be your best agents!

Webinar: Improving Customer Service with Dynamic Scripting (Special Guest: Telefonica O2)

This webinar will demo the latest scripting technologies, including a case study presentation from Telefonica O2 UK. We will explore how you can quickly & easily create, update and enhance your key callcenter processes using dynamic scripting that will make your customers feel they are having a natural interaction with the agent.

Webinar: Contact Center Agility: Moving at the Speed of Business

Jacada, the founder of the Unified Agent Desktop, once again revolutionizes the space with the release of Jacada WorkSpace Agent Desktop 6.0, the first Agent Desktop built to empower the business and lighten the workload of IT.

White Papers

White Papers

The Top Six Reasons to Simplify the Customer Service Desktop
This white paper discusses the importance of simplifying and unifying the customer service desktop.  A unified desktop solution will enable agents to deliver the service that fits the call and suits your business instead of letting the system design drive your business.

How to Visualize your Customer Service and IVR Experience
Giving customers direct and continuous access to a visual IVR without having to dial into the call center, listen to endless options and wait on the line, is a win-win solution, generating immediate
results for the customer and business.

The Shift to Mobile Breathes New Life into Old Interactive Voice Response Systems
Authored by 451 Research Mobility Team (powered by Yankee Group) Research Director, Sheryl Kingstone, this white paper discusses how it is critically important that businesses not only improve the overall customer experience, but also drive efficiencies across all customer touch points.

White Paper: Mobile Customer Service & Visual IVR - New Business Opportunities for Service Integrators and Call Center Consultants
Business organizations that want to maximize the use of mobile customer self-service applications, will need even more professional services help in planning, designing, and integrating customized mobile apps than they needed for legacy IVR applications for call centers

White Paper: Visual IVR - A “Next Generation” Win-Win Solution for Customers and Organizations
The rapid and ubiquitous uptake of smartphone technology will drive a successful uptake of Visual IVR: over half of calls handled by US contact centers are from cellphones, and more than two-thirds of US cellphone users have a smartphone. . With it being far quicker to read text than to listen to it being spoken - some studies show that a caller can navigate a Visual IVR menu five or six times faster than a DTMF IVR menu - the customer experience is improved without sacrificing functionality or options.

See or Hear : Consumer Survey

Customer Service Experiences Survey

Find out which companies rate best and worst for customer service, how often customers interact with customer service, what channels customers prefer to communicate through, Customer attitudes in regards to IVRs, what affects a customer's perception of a company's customer service and much more.

Natural Shift from Self Service Technology to Visual Connectivity
Part I - Visual IVR - The Evolution, Promised Benefits and Poor Strategy of Self Service TechnologyThe Evolution, Promised Benefits, and Poor Strategy of Self Service Technology

Self-service technologies are interfaces that replace the person-to-person interactions with technology. The intention was to make service transactions more convenient, faster and provide higher customer satisfaction. But its taken over 125 years to get to customer-centric technological advances that deliver great customer experience and save companies money.

Natural Shift from Self Service Technology to Visual Connectivity
Part II - visual connectivity2Social Media, Generational CustomerExperience Preferences, and the Millennials

With the number of consumers using mobile and smart phones, tablets and personal computers and the advent of Bring Your Own Device To Work (BYOD), customers expect to have the Internet and each other at their fingers tips and in real-time. In addition to having devices that keep them connected all the time, consumers expect the interaction with your company to be as easy as using social media sites like Facebook as well as search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Natural Shift from Self Service Technology to Visual Connectivity
Part III - visual connectivity3Visual IVR: Ease of Connectivity from Self Service to the Call Center

One way to cut costs in the contact center has always been to provide self-service. And while self-service has promised to deliver cost reductions, studies show it does not always do that. In fact, for self-service to really be an option that drives positive customer experiences and thus lower costs for companies, the gap between agent-assisted customer experience and self-service, push-button IVRs has to be narrowed.

Call Center Salary and Business Survey
We are pleased to present the findings of a comprehensive salary survey of management-level positions in IT, call center, and customer service. The survey was undertaken by Jacada during the second half of 2013 and included 130 participants*. The survey examined a three-year window of salary ranges, including bonuses and raises, with the goal of providing a snapshot of current salary earnings and future expectations.

Tales of the Past and Future: from the Voder to Visual IVR
This complimentary white paper honors the history of IVR by reviewing some of its founding stories and by
...surveying its pro’s and con’s. It also provides a glimpse into the fut

Visual IVR White Paper
How can you make your IVR investment a win- win situation both for the organization and the customer? If scanning a screen is quicker than listening to lengthy menus, why not make your current IVR system visual and easily accessible from your company’s website or your customer’s mobile phone.

Mobile As the New Engagement Channel
Mobile devices are becoming the largest engagement channel for customers, and most businesses are woefully underprepared. With unprecedented growth in mobile device adoption, customers expect to reach an organization anytime and from anywhere. The new mobile self-service channel offers organizations an unprecedented opportunity to provide an improved self-service experience, reduce inbound call volume, and capture one of the largest growing demographics: Mobile Customers.

Healing the Fractured Customer Service Experience
Organizations do not need to compromise on best-of-breed backend systems in order to meet expectations of service consistency. Intelligently rolled out and tightly integrated with existing systems and processes, today’s multi touch-point customer service tools not only raise satisfaction and lower churn, but can actually serve as an engine for growth

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