Jacada Customer Service Experience Products

Our primary focus is the customer service experience. We design unique products and solutions that add value when and where it matters most: at the point of contact with your customer. Allow us to guide you in selecting the right solution:

Contact Center Products

jacpi workspace

"I have too many applications on my desktop"

Jacada WorkSpace Agent Desktop- provides an improved customer service experience by streamlining the agent's interactions with a large number of systems. Read more about our award winning, and market leading, Agent Desktop solution.

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jacpi agentscripting

"How can I improve First Call Resolution?"

Jacada Agent Scripting- the industry leading call center scripting and business process flow tool, providing the most powerful and agile, yet easy to use, scripting environment available.

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 jacpi advisor

"My agents are struggling with complex applications"

Jacada® Advisor is designed to simplify the complexity of existing customer service desktop applications and reduce the amount of training required to work with those applications.

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Mobile Self Service

 jacpi visualivr

"Our customers don't like using our IVR"

Jacada Visual IVR - Jacada Visual IVR presents your users with a menu driven interface to your IVR system, which you can make available on your website or your mobile app. Now your customers can simply click or touch their way through the IVR system without listening to each option.

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Integration and Legacy Products

jacpi integration


"How can I integrate with existing applications?"

Jacada Integration & Automation (Formerly Jacada WinFuse)- provides robust data integration and desktop automation capabilities, which improves efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, resulting in more streamlined business processes.

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"What can I do with old legacy “green screens”?"

Jacada Interface Server- the leading automated Web-enablement solution for extending and modernizing legacy host systems by generating a thin-client graphical user interface.

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jacpi hostfuse

Jacada HostFuse- allows legacy applications to be "service enabled" – expose functionality contained within an existing host application as open standard Web services.

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