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Jacada® Agent Scripting (JAS) is the industry leading call center scripting and business process flow tool, providing the most powerful and agile, yet easy to use, scripting environment available. We’re so confident of this, we invite you to sign up for a free trial so you can try it for yourself.

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Benefits to your business

  • Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Consistency in customer service experience
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Reduced Training Time
  • Rapid deployment

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Utilizing an intuitive graphical drag-and-drop environment, call center scripts and business rules are created in clicks rather than code. Scripts can be instantly deployed to agents, monitored in real-time and then fine tuned. By continuously refining interactions, you can meet and exceed customer service experience goals.

This intuitive, rapid, no coding environment ensures that it can be used by business analysts to easily write and maintain scripts and process flows. By empowering the business, they get the ability to react faster to changes in legislation, changes in requirements, compliance and making processes more efficient.

Jacada Agent Scripting can be used for…

  • Providing on screen process guidance (removing the need for printed reference material on the desk or on line reference material)
  • Prompting the agent with consistent compliance statements to read back to customers
  • Sales campaign scripts for collecting customer information
  • Structured and guided form filling
  • Fault diagnosis, product support and help
  • Process Flow Scripting

For example, for technical support call centers, JAS enables your Level 2 support knowledge to be instilled within your Level 1 support, resulting in fewer call escalations and increased First Call Resolution.

For heavily regulated industries, JAS ensures your agents are performing within the required parameters, delivering full auditing and compliance monitoring.

You need the Agent Scripting Tool if:

  • Agents need to be skilled in guiding customers to the correct answer, where the right answer may be complex, but needs to be articulated clearly and simply.
  • Agents are not adhering to a consistent process
  • You have complex compliance requirements in your industry
  • You need to frequently change your business rules in your customer interactions
  • You are running an improvement program such as Six Sigma to help re define process but are struggling to get your front line advisors to adhere to the new processes.
  • You want to monitor and run reports on what is happening during the call
  • You struggle with lengthy Agent training time
  • You need a level of ownership over the design of call processes that is not completely reliant on IT.
  • You want to improve First Call Resolution (FCR).


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Benefits to your business


    • Improved First Call Resolution (FCR) – Using JAS, agents provide a faster, more accurate diagnosis with better answers, resulting in fewer escalated or repeat calls.
    • Consistency in customer service experience – by introducing defined processes and guiding agents every step of the way, customer service experience becomes consistent and repeatable, and calls are completed accurately and correctly. JAS makes this process easy by enforcing best practice and guidelines. No more waiting for IT to add this to their backlog of jobs. The script author is empowered to do the job themselves.
    • Auditing and Reporting – Sophisticated reports provide detailed analysis of customer interactions and how they are performing in the real-world, allowing to measure compliance and make continuous improvements.
    • Reduced Training Time – Scripted interactions mean training time goes down significantly, and training can focus on an improved customer service experience, not complex call flow processes.
    • Rapid deployment – JAS follows the “build with clicks, not code” philosophy and offers deployment in days not months.

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How does it work?

Utilizing a friendly graphical development environment, interactions are easily assembled, self-documented, versioned and published to the agent for the next call. Configured through Clicks, not developed with Code.

Watch this video to see how a complex customer interaction is built. You won’t believe how easy and quick it is!

Still don’t believe us? Why not try it out for yourself. Available as a convenient hosted solution, you can try it for yourself with no installation required. Simply click the link below: BeginAFreeTrial cta


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Graphical Script Builder – drag/drop

Interactions are created in an easy to use graphical tool, providing true drag and drop script building. Even complex back-end transactions can be invoked without knowledge of the underlying technical details.

Rich Widget Library

JAS ships with a rich library of components that can be used in your scripts, providing powerful constructs including: Statements, Choices, Decision Nodes, Variable allocations and more.


A number of tutorials to help and guide you through building simple to the more complex interactions are included to get you up and running quickly.

Script Test Harness

Script authors can test their scripts continuously by running them through our unique script simulator. The author can interactively walk through their script, modify logic and make changes, all before publishing, and without the need to involve IT or have technical knowledge.

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Click on the picture above to see the Jacada Agent Scripting Run-Time Simulator

Automatic Syntax and Logic checking

JAS runs complex checks in the background as scripts are configured and will warn you of any issue or problems in the logic as they are built, ensuring that only quality scripts are published for testing.


Auditing and Reporting

JAS provides detailed level auditing and reporting. Interactions can be recorded down to an individual field level. Additionally, sophisticated audit trail reporting will show how interactions are performing, where bottlenecks are occurring and provide insight into where interactions may be further optimized.

Auditing and Reporting
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Call Summary

JAS will automatically provide a call summary at the end of the call, allowing the agent to verify the outcome with the customer, and to use this call summary data for automatic action and note taking. This ensures a more accurate and reliable disposition history, resulting in accurate analysis of why the customer is calling.

Open Integration

Complex “back-end” transactions are encapsulated in easy to use widgets used by the script author without any understanding of their technical complexity. Widgets can be developed in Java by IT to use web services and other industry standards, allowing integration to existing systems and data.

CTI Integration

JAS can connect with your existing telephony infrastructure, allowing you to not only invoke an interaction with a screen-pop, but to also make logic decisions on information captured in the IVR system.

Complex Rule Evaluation

Decision trees can be drawn graphically, making even the most complex rule sets easy to understand, follow and fine-tune.

Complex Rule
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Self Generating Documentation

Call flows and customer interactions often contain many nuanced business rules, which are often not captured in a centralized master document. As flows are modified, design documents are rarely updated, resulting in out-of-sync requirements documents.

JAS allows you to generate current specification documents at the click of a button. These specification documents include all the details you would need to reconstruct a flow, including all the business rules, use of variables and actual call flow. Never suffer from outdated documentation again!

Self Generating Documentation
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Workflow and Approval processes

While JAS gives flexibility to the script authors to create and publish their interactions, a sound approval methodology is in place to ensure that interactions are tested before reaching the agent floor. JAS allows interactions to be published in a draft state, tested, and then pushed into production by an administrator with approval privileges. Of course, a full version history is also retained and in an emergency situation the administrator can at any time revert to a previous instance of an interaction.

Hot Deployment

New interactions can be "hot deployed" in real-time; no need for agents to log-off or for systems to be restarted. This means you can quickly make changes to business rules or interactions and get them to agents, in minutes, not weeks. Of course, a workflow approval system is in place to ensure quality in the published scripts.


Web based runtime

JAS consists of two major components. The graphical development environment used by script authors, and a runtime engine to execute the scripts. The runtime includes a web based interface allowing for general administration of the JAS environment, and includes a workflow system for script approval into production. The script itself runs in a web browser – no additional client application or installation is required on the desktop.

Nested scripts (Script Library)

Entire scripts can be packaged as reusable call flows, allowing for a modular and componentized design. Common call functionality can be reused within other scripts, and, over time, a comprehensive library of call scripts is created.


Publishing and Versioning

JAS allows multiple authors to work on script authoring, with different permission levels for publishing, reviewing and ultimately approving a script for “go live”. Utilizing a workflow system allows scripts to be tested in a production environment before being pushed to the agents on the floor. Full versioning allows the system operator to quickly revert to a previous instance of an interaction. This well defined workflow process allows Business to work on call process design, but leaves IT with ultimate control of what gets pushed into production.

Pause and Resume

Call centers operate in the real world. That means calls are often dropped or customers get interrupted and call back later. When a call is resumed, JAS allows the interaction to resume at the point it was left off, thereby avoiding the need to ask the customer for all their information again. This is especially helpful in lengthy trouble shooting scenarios where a significant portion of the diagnosis was performed prior to the call being resumed. Through the Pause & Resume feature, the interaction can resume precisely where it left off, with all the information preserved.


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