Smalltalk was a popular development language. And with its large customer base, many customers are wondering how to migrate or integrate with their Smalltalk application. Smalltalk is a powerful environment that has been used in mission critical applications. Due to the sheer complexity of the Smalltalk applications, seemingly trivial tasks can take many keystrokes and navigation sequences.

If you need APIs to integrate your Smalltalk application with other systems, Jacada offers an economical alternative that you should know about.

Smalltalk Applications do not usually provide an open API to read and write data from the application, perform certain functions and automate tasks. Instead of embarking on a significant and expensive customization exercise, you can use Jacada Fusion to integrate to your Smalltalk applications. In essence, Jacada Fusion provides you with an Smalltalks API.

Non-intrusive Smalltalk Integration Is a Reality

Jacada Fusion allows you to selectively open functionality within the Smalltalk application and reuse this functionality through an open standard web services API, even where no API existed before! Even better, transactions can be recorded to automate a sequence of tasks directly on the Smalltalk application. Imagine how much more productive your agents can be if you, for example, create a transaction that automatically calculates a pro-rated bill and rekeys all the information needed by Oracle Forms directly into the Smalltalk application. Companies can save hundereds of thousands of dollars in reduced Average Handle Time alone.

The key concept behind integrating to Smalltalk is what we call our non-invasive technology. In essence, this means that you can integrate into your Smalltalk applications without needing access to the source and without obtaining costly customization services or additional software licensing fees (Of course, you need to be sure you are not violating any of your terms of service with your vendor). Without changing anything in the original application, and without needing to access the source code, Jacada Fusion provides Smalltalk integration by enabling you to automate interactions with the application and 'drive' the system, as a user would, navigating a series of Windows forms, inserting or retrieving data as required. Jacada Fusion exposes these interactions as Web services that can be integrated into any J2EE or .NET composite application in a scalable and secure fashion.

SOA and Smalltalk Integration

By service-enabling your Smalltalk application, you can resue these services as part of your composite application development iniatives. Jacada Fusion provides for the rapid adoption of service-oriented architectures (SOA), enabling IT to deliver new functionality as quickly as the business demands. When you select which parts of your Smalltalk functionality you want to expose as Web Services, you can then reuse these web services as part of a broader SOA initative.

Benefits of Smalltalk Integration

This Smalltalk integration technology helps organizations unify multiple applications into one desktop presentation, improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, streamline business processes, and reduce maintenance costs. Imagine taking complex Smalltalk operations and reducing them to an automated sequence of tasks! Jacada Fusion can navigate Smalltalk screens, input data and read data, and accept human intervention in the midst of an automated task. Now, you can tailor your process to most optimally handle a customer service experience, rather than being constrained by the way the Smalltalk application forces its processes on your agents.

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Jacada WinFuse allows Windows and web-based applications to be "service enabled" – that is, any and all functionality contained within an existing Windows or web application can be exposed as open standard Web service.
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