Integration tools let you leverage the power of existing AS/400 and mainframe applications

Jacada Inc., provides integration tools for the modernization and extension of AS/400 and mainframe applications. Often referred to as "legacy" applications, these mainstays of corporations around the world are large, complex, and deeply entrenched in the corporate information systems infrastructure. As a result, porting, rewriting, or replacing these applications is often not financially viable. Jacada delivers a set of superior legacy integration tools and services designed to adapt these legacy applications to the changing world of enterprise computing.

Jacada enables corporations to protect their investments in mainframe and AS/400 applications and the skilled resources supporting them. The Jacada product family delivers an integrated set of legacy integration tools designed to extend the life and functionality of these applications, as well as modernize the enterprise development architecture. Specifically, these integration tools:

  • Deliver e-commerce and web-to-host applications,
  • Modernize legacy applications with Java, Domino, HTML, and Visual Basic interfaces,
  • Integrate 5250- and 3270-style applications through a specialized application server, and
  • Enable RPG and COBOL developers to easily build Java and Visual Basic thin client applications – without screen scraping.


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