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Title Published Date
Agent Cockpit for Customer Service Representives October,10,2011
Agent Desktop October,10,2011
Agent Desktop Automation improves Agent Productivity October,10,2011
Agent Integrated Desktop October,10,2011
Agent Portal Automation October,10,2011
Agent Productivity and the Agent Desktop December,12,2011
Amdocs API November,11,2011
Amdocs Billing November,11,2011
Amdocs Clarify CRM November,11,2011
Amdocs Clarify Integration November,11,2011
Amdocs CSM Integration December,12,2011
Automate Complex Processes December,12,2011
Automation Software March,03,2014
Business Process December,12,2011
Call Center Automation October,10,2011
Call Center Desktop October,10,2011
Call Center Flow Tool October,10,2011
Call Center GUI Front End October,10,2011
Call Center Guide Tool October,10,2011
Call Center Integration December,12,2011
Call Center Portal October,10,2011
Call Center Scripting Software October,10,2011
Call Center Scripting Tool October,10,2011
Call Center Technology December,12,2011
Call Centers and Jacada Fusion December,12,2011
Common Front End October,10,2011
Contact Center Automation October,10,2011
Contact Center Desktop Tool October,10,2011
Contact Center Integration December,12,2011
Contact Center Scripting Tool October,10,2011
Contact Center Technology December,12,2011
Corizon Alternative December,12,2011
Customer Care Framework December,12,2011
Customer Churn December,12,2011
Customer Experience Management December,12,2011
Customer Interaction Management December,12,2011
Customer Management Desktop December,12,2011
Customer Retention Solutions December,12,2011
Customer Self Service March,03,2014
Customer Service Automation December,12,2011
Customer Service Desktop October,10,2011
Customer Service Interaction - Tools for the perfect interaction December,12,2011
Customer Service Portal October,10,2011
Customizable CRM Software December,12,2011
Data Masking December,12,2011
Desktop Automation October,10,2012
Desktop Complexity December,12,2011
Desktop Integration December,12,2011
Desktop Interaction Portal October,10,2011
Desktop Optimization Solutions October,10,2011
Desktop Productivity Tools October,10,2011
Desktop Unification October,10,2011
Download the Jacada Agent Scripting trial version here December,12,2011
Download the Jacada Mobile Agent Development Kit December,12,2011
Enterprise Application Integration December,12,2011
First Call Resolution December,12,2011
Insurance: Customer Retention Solutions December,12,2011
Integration Tools December,12,2011
Intelligent Customer Service Desktop October,10,2011
Intelligent Desktop October,10,2011
Intelligent WorkSpace October,10,2011
Jacada Videos January,01,2012
Lead Form January,01,2013
Microsoft Call Center December,12,2011
Microsoft CCF December,12,2011
Microsoft Customer Care Framework December,12,2011
Mobile Customer Care July,07,2012
Mobile Customer Service July,07,2012
Non-Intrusive Integration December,12,2011
Oracle Forms Integration December,12,2011
Oracle Integration December,12,2011
PeopleSoft Integration December,12,2011
Powerbuilder Integration December,12,2011
Process Flow Software February,02,2012
Process Optimization December,12,2011
Remedy Integration December,12,2011
SAP Integration December,12,2011
SAP R3 Integration December,12,2011
Screen Scraping January,01,2014
Siebel December,12,2011
Siebel Call Center Integration December,12,2011
Siebel Contact Center Integration December,12,2011
Siebel Customer Service Integration December,12,2011
Siebel Desktop Automation December,12,2011
Siebel Integration December,12,2011
Siebel Unified Desktop December,12,2011
Single Front End October,10,2011
Single User Interface Solution October,10,2011
Single View of The Customer October,10,2011
Smalltalk Integration December,12,2011
Support Account Password Reset January,01,2012
Tech Support Flow Tool October,10,2011
Tech Support Scripting Tool October,10,2011
Unified Agent Desktop October,10,2011
Unified Agent Integrated Desktop October,10,2011
Unified Desktop October,10,2011
Unified Service Desktop October,10,2011
Universal Agent October,10,2011
Universal Agent Desktop October,10,2011
Visual IVR July,07,2012
Webinar Access: How to Easily Make Your IVR Visual April,04,2013
WebSphere February,02,2012

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